About OTFF

Since 2013, the Tibetan Diaspora in Ottawa, now formally the Ottawa Tibetan Community Association, has organized an annual film festival at St. Paul’s University with the aim to raise awareness in Ottawa about Tibet: its culture, its religion, and its people.

The Ottawa Tibet Film Festival (OTFF) will be hosting its fourth edition of the film festival on March 20, 2016 at the Mayfair theatre.  The festival is a unique opportunity for the Ottawa region to experience and learn more about the people, culture and land of Tibet through a series of feature-length movies, documentaries and short films.

The Festival was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing a platform for filmmakers from around the world to showcase their films about Tibet..  It is a chance for the National Capital Region to momentarily step into the Tibetan plateau – experiencing the rich culture that defines the identity of Tibet.  From the lives of nomads, to monasteries and the Tibetan diaspora,, the OTFF will provide an array of perspectives that concern the past, present and future of Tibet.


The Ottawa Tibet Film festival is organized by the Ottawa Tibetan Community Association,  a non-profit organization. Every year, profits from the festival is donated to the Tibetan Resettlement Project Ottawa – a project that supports 90 Tibetan refugees living in rural India who are being resettled in Ottawa. In the past year, the Tibetan Resettlement Project Ottawa has supported 35 refugees to make a home in Ottawa. In 2014, the Ottawa Tibetan Film Festival was able to donate $3000 to support the resettlement project.