Show Times

Schedule 2016

TIBET ON THE EDGE: an environment to preserve


Noon: opening speeches and cultural performance

12:30 – “Singing in diaspora” (11 min) Sabchu rimpoche, 2015. Documentary.


12:50 – “Embrace” (50 min) Dan Smyer Yu and Pema Tashi, 2011. Ethnographic documentary.



2:30- “Pad yatra, A Green Odyssey” (72 min) Wendy J.N. Lee, 2013. Documentary.


4:15- Presentation /discussion about current developments and the destruction of the environment in Tibet with Michael Buckley.

4:40 – “Plundering Tibet” (25 min) Michael Buckley, 2014. Documentary.

5:10 – Panel Discussion about Canadian companies currently mining in Tibet: What can we do, as Canadian citizens to ensure the respect of Human Rights and preservation of the environment ? (until 6pm)

Guest-speakers: Carole Samdup, Executive Director of the Canada Tibet Committee, and Penelope SimonsProfessor at faculty of Law of the Ottawa University.



6:45pm – “Kekexili, the Mountain Patrol”. (90 min). Chuan Lu .2004. Fiction



March 21, 2015

11:00 AM: Doors open.

12:30 PM: Introduction + Welcome Song and Dance

1:00 PM: Bringing  Tibet Home

2:20 PM: Q&A with Thupten Samdup, former Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Northern Europe.

Entry: $10 General | $8 for Students | $25 for a day-pass



3:30 PM:  Tibetan Traditional Yak Dance

3:45 PM: The Hunter and the Skeleton

4:30 PM: Tulku

5:45 PM: Q&A with Julia Stenzel, a long term Buddhist practitioner who spent many years in the Tibetan diaspora in Nepal and India, and is currently a PhD student in Tibetan Buddhism at McGill University.

Entry: $6 for The Hunter and the Skeleton alone, or $12 General for both films | $10 for Students | $25 for a day-pass


7:00 PM: Traditional Tibetan Dance

7:10 PM: Valley of Heroes

8:15 PM: The Search

Entry: $12 General | $10 for Students | $25 for a day-pass