As a non-profit association, we rely entirely on the generosity of our sponsors and donors to ensure the success of this year’s film festival.  Their contribution to our work will help us in increasing awareness about Tibet while providing an opportunity for the people of Ottawa to experience the real-life stories inside of Tibet.  In addition, with their support we will be able to accomplish this festival’s goal in amplifying the voices of Tibet.

Support this year’s Ottawa Tibet Film Festival by making a donation today! Your support will help ensure the success of this event in raising awareness about Tibet in the National Capital Region.

For more information on how to become a sponsor for the 2015 Ottawa Tibet Film Festival, please contact us at: OttawaTibetFilmFestival@gmail.com.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for their support:

2015 Snowlion Sponsors (Sin∙gay – སེང་གེ།) $600+

Mr. Norman Steinberg

2016 Yak Sponsors (Yak – གཡག) $250+

Mr. Samphe Lhalungpa and Mrs. Ellen Wisenfield

2015 Individual Sponsors $50+